Benefits of an IFMA Credential

IFMA had a webinar on credentials and put out this presentation.

There are presently 3 credentials that you can earn through IFMA (International Facilities Management Association). They are the FMP (Facility Management Professional, CFM (Certified Facility Manager) and the SFP (Sustainability Facility Professional). If facilities management is your passion, you can further your interests and possibly your career by gaining a credential to have after your name. In taking the courses, you can also network with like-minded individuals who also share your passion, have experienced your problems and may be a great source for info in the future, should you encounter a unique situation, there is always someone who has gone through it before and is willing to share their ‘scar tissue’.

The FMP is designed for:

·       early to mid-career facility management practitioners

·       those transitioning into an FM career

·       partner practitioners (architects, designers, safety engineers, etc.)

·       associated corporate providers of FM products & services

·       students entering the profession from FM related studies

The FMP will help you develop critical knowledge in the areas of:

·         Operations & Maintenance

·         Project Management

·         Finance & Business Essentials

·         Leadership and Strategy Essentials

The CFM is designed:

·         for experienced FM practitioners with proven competency in the 9 core areas and pass the competency based exam covering:

o        Planning & Project Management

o        Operations & Maintenance

o        Real Estate

o        Quality Assessment & Innovation

o        Leadership & Management

o        Human & Environmental Factors

o        Finance

o        Communication

o        Technology

·         For those that meet the eligibility requirements of education and experience

·         The CFM designation must be renewed every 3 years. You must demonstrate a continued commitment to growth & excellence by earning maintenance points in at least 2 of the following categories:

o        Practice

o        Continuing education

o        Professional involvement

o        Development of the profession

·         You can go to and take an on-line CFM practice Exam for a fee of $80US (members) and $160US (non-members). There are 108 questions which will show you results by competency area. This will help you focus on the core competency areas you need to strengthen to attain your CFM. The practise exam will show you the score of your test, however, the actual CFM exam will only show pass/fail. You can also go to to read up on what subject matters compromise each of the courses.

·         IFMA is in the process of re-evaluating all the CFM courses. They intend to have the revised ones ready in 2013.


The SFP is designed for professionals with an interest in sustainable practices. It is ideal for:

·         facility management practitioners with a baseline of FM industry knowledge

·         FM professionals with proven experience transitioning into sustainability related positions

·         partner practitioners (architects, designers, safety engineers, etc.)

·         associated corporate providers of FM products & services

·         CFM’s and FMP’s interested in expanding their depth of expertise in the area of sustainable facility management

·         this designation is provided through three comprehensive courses:

o        Strategy and Alignment for Sustainable Facility Management

o        Managing Sustainable Facilities

o        Operating Sustainable Facilities


Most of the training for any of the designations is available through on line modules or through in class training. Each has an assessment that is to be completed at the end which must be successful to obtain the credential.


The SPF has a convenient self-study program. If offered in class, all three courses must be taken together (6 days). All other courses, for the CFM and FMP are also offered in class (2 days). Various chapters offer courses throughout the year. At World Work Place (WWP), the annual convention & trade show, courses are offered just prior to the convention, for your convenience. Each course or module has a cost to it, which varies depending on what you take and where you take it.



Should you have any further questions about any of the credentials that IFMA offers, you can contact Jeanne Hunter, CFM, Designation Liaison for the Regina Chapter of IFMA.

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