Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Round Table

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 11:30 – 1:00

Please join us to discuss:

  • Operational resiliency, sustainability, and stability strategies in the face of current and forecast future weather events and extremes
  • Proof of Vaccinations
    • whether companies are mandating vaccines for staff
    • what are others requesting from contractors
    • impacts on entering facilities – who is used to check proof of vaccinations (staff, hired commissionaires, security)
    • consequences for not adhering
    • any issues experienced
  • Covid plans and adaptations
    • any innovative ideas people are using
    • impact on facilities and how we adjust
  • challenges with providing air quality, purifying air
  • electric vehicle parking upgrades
  • Asset Management and planning preventative maintenance

Please register in advance for this meeting


No in-person events will be held until further notice.

Please see IFMA’s Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Center for news, resources and information to help with emergency preparedness.

Past Events


  • Our AGM for the 2020-2021 year was held Oct. 20 along with a presentation from W. Rippetoe, Sensoteq Vibration Analysis on Preventative Maintenance Through Wireless Monitoring. 11 members and guests attended.
  • Our June 23 “Chapter Chat” had 10 participants
  • A webinar on CASPR Automated Disinfection Technology on May 11 drew 15 members and guests
  • 14 members participated in a round table “Chapter Chat” on April 21
  • GIS for Smart Building Management was presented by Esri Canada on April 13
  • Our online AGM on February 24 was attended by 15 members


  • Our second round table conference call, on June 10, drew 17 members
  • On world FM day, May 13, 17 members participated in a round table discussion about FM amid a pandemic
  • 7 members toured the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon in February


  • A Minhas Sask Distillery Tour was cancelled in November due to low registration
  • Our AGM on Sept. 11 included a presentation on Demystifying the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB). 11 members and guests attended
  • Our annual golf tournament in June drew 40 golfers
  • Failure to Launch: The Critical Role of FM in Leading Workplace Transformation, was presented to 5 registrants in Saskatoon May 15, with 18 registrants participating from Regina via web conference
  • The FMP Core Competency Course, Leadership & Strategy, was held in Saskatoon May 13 – 14 with 11 registrants.
  • A breakfast meeting with the Regina Construction Association was cancelled due to low registration.
  • Our April lunch & learn on Leadership in the Workplace drew 15 people in Saskatoon


  • Officers explained Cannabis Legalization in the Workplace to 9 registrants in Regina & 13 in Saskatoon in December.
  • In November, 14 people attended a tour of Merlis Belsher Place in Saskatoon and 10 attended a tour of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission’s Samaritan Project in Regina
  • Our AGM in September featured a presentation by Steve McLellan, CEO, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. 13 attended.
  • The 25th Annual Golf Tournament, held in Regina, drew 62 golfers in June
  • A tour of Regina’s Mamaweiyatin Centre drew 16 people
  • Presentations by Sun Smart Saskatchewan were offered in Regina & Saskatoon in April, but cancelled due to low registration
  • In March, The Filter shop presented to 7 registrants in Saskatoon, and 10 in Regina
  • A tour of Saskatoon’s Remai Art Gallery in January had to be capped at 20 people; with another 10 waitlisted. A tour was planned in Regina, but postponed due to low registration


  • Our December session on Mental Health in the Workplace, held in Regina, drew 16 registrants
  • For November, holiday networking events were planned at Escape Rooms in Regina & Saskatoon. 9 members attended in Saskatoon, but the Regina event was cancelled due to low registration
  • 13 registrants attended our AGM, held in October in Regina, featuring an Illumination Engineers Society presentation
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